Do you remember what it feels like to discover a new gadget or appliance that makes your life much easier? That’s how you’ll feel when you see the Better Bosses Toolkit.

Great tools make seemingly difficult jobs easy to do. They also make you look like a pro.

Leading people can be a rewarding but challenging gig. This toolkit will make it much easier! 

You’ll be able to put your hands on the right tool when you need it (e.g. if you need to have a difficult conversation with someone) or work through the toolkit sections at your own pace to develop your people management skills. 

Here are just a few examples of what the toolkit will help you do. 

  • Provide direction for your team 
  • Develop a plan-on-a- page 
  • Evaluate your team’s culture
  • Ignite change in your team’s culture
  • Set objectives 
  • Manage up and across
  • Understand the individuals in your team and how to coach them
  • Understand the dynamics of your team and how to improve them 
  • Empower others
  • Delegate
  • Have difficult conversations 
  • Manage difficult people
  • Give feedback
  • Have effective one-on-one meetings
  • Have effective team meetings 
  • Understand your leadership style 
  • Understand your ‘why’ 
  • Learn how to be authentic and vulnerable
  • And much more……..

Would you like a tour? Watch this short video. 

If you’re looking for some additional support, upgrade to add Just-in-time Coaching to the package. That way, if you have a specific situation you need to help with, we can coach you through it.

Choose from three packages

The Toolkit Sampler

  • A sample of our leadership tools to get you started
  • Downloadable tools
  • Instructional videos and case studies

The Toolkit

$199 per year
  • 4 sections full of tools – Leader, Coach, Manager, You
  • Downloadable tools
  • Instructional videos and case studies

Toolkit + coaching

$699 per year
  • Everything in The Toolkit
  • 2-hours of just-in-time coaching
  • Coaching time can be used in 15-min increments

Fees are charged annually and renewed automatically. 

90-day money back guarantee

We know you’re going to love the Better Bosses Toolkit and you’ll want to keep it handy at all times. We’re so confident that we are offering a money-back guarantee. If you don’t find at least 3 tools to help you become a better boss within your first 90-days, we’ll give you your money back.

Want work to pay?

It never hurts to ask. We’ve drafted an email for you which you can send to your boss or HR department. You can download it here

If they yes, yay! You’ll receive a receipt once you’ve signed up, and again on renewal so that you can claim it as an expense. 

If they say no, sign up anyway. We are all responsible for our own personal and professional development, and you’ll be able to take the Toolkit, and the skills you learn, onto your next job and the one after that.